Larlham Takes Their Work Personally

When you build fewer than a dozen homes a year, craftsmen like Dan and Mark take each project personally. Their culture is built on customer satisfaction, value and transparency. No surprises.

While happy to bid on a home at any price-point, most Larlham customers are not first-time homeowners. They tend to be knowledgeable of the important materials, construction and accessories that differentiate a “starter house” from the next level. Larlham’s building standards are driven by safety, durability, and quality. That means the beauty of a Larlham home is more than skin deep.

Each Larlham home is built to last and require minimum maintenance. Specifications often exceed local building codes from foundation to the spacing of roof trusses and the quality of shingles. Inside it’s the same story. Finishing details in a Larlham home advertise the quality workmanship that lies beneath.

When it comes to appliances, floor coverings, fixtures, cabinets, and other options, Dan and Mark are in an excellent position to offer advice and guide you to great deals and appropriate expenditures. Their rule of thumb on floor coverings: spend a little more on high traffic areas, not so much on areas that don’t see as much traffic. On fixtures: while they must be attractive, their value is in the often unseen material used for internal parts. Whether your tastes run toward aesthetic or practical, the Larlhams will ensure you know exactly what you are getting and in which way value lies.

As veteran builders in this area, Larlham Contracting maintains an active list of regional vendors who share their values. This list is available to all Larlham customers. Along with it comes the goodwill the family has built over a quarter century of doing business on Delmarva. And when dealing with banks in the area, Larlham’s reputation can help.