Making it Without Marketing

Larlham has prospered for more than a quarter century on referrals alone. That’s easier to understand if you talk to their customers. Homeowners who have used Dan and Mark Larlham for building homes or major renovations talk about the brothers as if they were either family or good friends.  Ask them why the Larlhams have remained their builders, often over decades, and you repeatedly hear words like:

Trustworthy, Personable, Honest, Reasonable, Professional, Reliable, Friendly

Other qualities that come with a Larlham home or renovation are hard to describe in one word. For instance, several renovation customers described how comfortable they were having the brothers working in their homes when they themselves weren’t present. Others appreciated the measures they took to protect areas and furniture outside the work area, and carefully cleaned up at the end of each day.”

Someone who hasn’t experienced the process of getting a home built might not recognize the importance of a work ethic.  But when you labor side by side with your workmen as Dan and Mark do, it sets the pace, ensures quality and keeps projects on schedule.

Project: Convert laundry room, storage room into closet, powder room and mud room off back door; screened porch, deck, roof on Cape Cod style home Larlhams had built 20 years before.

“I knew the quality of work they did because we’ve been living in one of their homes for 20 years and I was aware of their reputation. They seem to be perfectionists and I enjoyed working with them. 

Project: Major renovations, complete repainting of 32 year-old townhome. 

“The Larlhams hear what you want to do and talk with you about price options. They are always trying to save you money. Of course there may be times or areas where you don’t want to save money, where you want something a little bit fancier and that’s fine. They’ll give you an idea of how much more that will cost and immediately revise the budget. 

“What you have with the Larlhams are people who give you an estimate that’s for real. They are just as reliable when it comes to showing up and how long the work will take. On time and on budget, that’s the Larlhams. They are excellent.”

Ray & Wendy L.
Dover, DE

Project: New countertop, complete wall mirror, new floor with baseboard, paint.

“Right on budget and right on time. Very friendly, very easy to work with. They were excellent.

They were here when they said they were going to be here. They were very prompt. Took them less than a week to get the whole thing done.

Project: Convert unfinished basement into two bedrooms, two baths, and spacious home theater.

“They finished my basement from scratch. Originally, I just had a water heater and a furnace down there. They put in two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a home theater – a big flat screen, four speakers upfront and four in the back. They did a fabulous job. They are very good; easy to work with, honest and fair. I would recommend them to everyone.”

Dr. Khaled M.
Bear, DE

Project: New Home, subsequent addition

“Our experience with Larlham Contracting has been wonderful from beginning to end. Dan and Mark built our first home in 1999 and put on an addition for us in 2005. Our home came in under budget and we moved in two weeks early! One of the brothers was on the job site every day which made the entire process run smoothly.

“Recently, in 2014, we moved. We immediately called Larlham Contracting to do all the renovations on the property we purchased. Again, Dan and Mark were involved in every step of the process. We find them to be reasonable, professional and reliable. We highly recommend them!”

Bob & Becky M.
Dover, DE

Project: New Home, subsequent addition

“When you build a house you are surprised when everything works out. But they said it would take three months and it was exactly three months.”

“I have found them to be very honest and up front. Because they came with a strong recommendation from someone I trusted, I just turned the whole thing over to them.”

Project: Kitchen remodel, covered porch

“I was very happy with the work.   They were open to doing things the way we wanted, working with us on options and getting us in touch with (suppliers) especially when it came to our kitchen remodel…”

“Our covered porch on the outside was started in March and the weather wasn’t ideal, but they still came and worked. I’ve dealt with other contractors in the past and sometimes they don’t even show up…”

Jeff B.
Veterinarian, Homeowner
Magnolia, DE

Project: Ongoing renovations, maintenance of commercial and residential properties

“They are fairly priced, they do high quality work and they are responsive to my needs and timetable. Trustworthy, personable and honest.”

Mike B.
Investor, Dover

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Larlham homes are built to last. Specifications often exceed local building codes from foundation to the spacing of roof trusses and the quality of shingles. Inside it’s the same story. Finishing details in a Larlham home advertise the quality workmanship that lies beneath. Take a look at our galleries to see examples of our work.

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